Server for CNC Machine for the Medical Industry

A client in the medical industry had a problem with their CNC machine programming. Each setup person had a hand-held backup device in his toolbox where CNC programs were kept. This created a problem because each setup person had her own versions of the program, and there was no central backup of the files where a programmer or engineer could approve program changes. Due to these conditions, this company failed an FDA audit.

To solve this problem, our customer hired us to install our eNETDNC system, which enabled them to set up their DNC so employees can access programs right at the machine, and then are assured to get only a programmer-approved program. And when an operator makes changes to a program, they can send it back to the eNETDNC server right from the machine. The file then goes into a temporary area and programmers are notified of the prospective change. The programmer can then review the changes and choose to keep or delete them, which means that the programming stays current company wide every time the CNC machines are accessed. After our DNC system was installed, this customer was quickly approved for their FDA Certification.

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Specifications of this CNC Machine Custom Server DNC System:

Product Name
eNETDNC server
Product Description
DNC system for calling/changing programs at the machine
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Ensured File Integrity (Standards met to FDA Certification)

Computer Engineer
Additional Facts
The programmer has the ability to review any changes and either keep them or delete the program so that only the correct program can be called down to the CNC the next time it's needed
Industry for Use
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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