computer program to Connect cnc controls

Company A is a contract machining job shop with 37 CNC machines running two full shifts. Each machine was set-up an average of 10 times per week and each time the operator needed a program it took an average of ten minutes per transaction. Company A was operating with two partially functional DNC systems, one to support the Mazatrol format and another for all other controllers. Both systems required operators to leave their machines and queue programs at a remote computer. Likewise both systems were prone to “go down” at the most inopportune time. A number of the machines were no longer connected to the system and required support with a laptop. As a result the programmer spent 30-40% of every day supporting and trouble-shooting the DNC system.

After researching the variety of solutions available, eNETDNC was selected based on its reputation for reliability, ease of use, flexibility, security and cost effectiveness. eNETDNC allowed operators to upload and download CNC programs directly from the machine control. What previously took minutes now takes seconds. The eNET system was able to service all machine control types and the previous system problems were eliminated. As a result the amount of support time was quickly reduced to zero. Based on the significant reduction in downloading time and the reduced support cost Company A was able to document a payback period of less than 3 months.


DNC cost justification worksheet for Company A:

Product Name
Custom Computer Program
Product Description
A custom computer program to connect CNC controls. It allowed operators to upload and download CNC programs directly from the machine controls.
Number of CNC machines in shop
Number of set-ups per week on each machine
Time spent downloading per setup
Hourly shop rate
Download Cost
Eng. Support cost
Total Annual Cost
eNETDNC Install Cost

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