Data Collection System

At eNETDNC, we install DNC systems that can be used for a wide range of applications. With the addition of our E-Terminal, these systems can be upgraded to a full-featured data collection system. This allows machine operators to communicate job-related information directly from their machine. The practice is well exemplified by one of our clients who needed an accurate way to monitor employee productivity. The company gave their employees bonuses based on OEE performance, but it was formerly measured by cards that the operators would complete themselves. This method could be easily manipulated, giving an operator the opportunity to inflate their productivity.

This client chose eNETDNC because our DNC system is very flexible with data collection, and was easily integrated into their in-house ERP system. By creating data reports with real world numbers, eNETDNC was able to provide the customer with hard data to accurately award company bonuses based on employees’ OEE performance.

To learn more about our DNC systems and their data collection capabilities, please contact us directly.


Specifications of this Custom Data Collection System:

Product Name
eNETDNC System
Product Description
Data Collection system for monitoring Employee productivity
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Machine Tool Data Collection

Computer Engineer
Additional Facts
Creating data reports with real world numbers, eNETDNC was able to provide the customer with a means to award bonuses based on actual data.
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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