DNC System for Automotive Industry

A customer in the automotive industry had over two hundred CNC machines in their facility. Their employees used many different methods to get programs in and out of them, including memory cards and laptop USB sticks. Whenever they needed a program entered into their CNC, they had to have an operator leave the machine and go to the nearest phone to call one of the programmers. Then, the programmer had to look up what type of media the CNC used for loading, and personally go to the CNC and load in the appropriate program. The shortest this process ever took was 15 minutes. If a programmer was unavailable, an operator would have to leave a message and wait until someone could program it, sometimes leaving a machine unproductive for up to an hour.

This client contracted eNETDNC to install a DNC system for quick and efficient access to all the necessary information for their CNC machines. Our new DNC system allowed the operators to load programs in right at the machine, reducing the minimum programming time from 15 minutes to 20 seconds, and eliminating the need to ever wait for a programmer. Our client enjoyed an ROI payback within 2 to three months.

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Specifications of this Custom DNC System:

Product Name
eNETDNC system
Product Description
DNC system program for getting information in and out of their CNC machines
Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC File Management
Computer Engineer
Additional Facts
Customer was able to allow the operators to load programs right at the machine within 20 seconds compared to 15 minutes without the system
Industry for Use
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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