Machine Monitoring for the Machine Shop Industry

One of our machine shop customers decided to install our eNETDNC and monitoring system in their shop. They owned 100 CNC machines, and began by installing our system on 5 of them, then added 15 more, until eventually their entire facility ran with our DNC and monitoring system. Our system provides real time production data directly from the machine control, giving instant status of all machines on the DNC network. This allows for easy identification if the machines are running or idle. Our client found that having this monitoring system has improved their efficiency by 30%, with much of that coming from employees simply being aware of the system. It helped our client learn specific reasons why CNC machines were down, including waiting for QC, waiting for work, tool breakage, and others. In fact, our client discovered the most common reason for downtime was that the machines were waiting for programs, allowing the company to hire more programmers and expand their business.

To learn more about our efficiency-increasing monitoring systems and how they can improve your business, please contact us directly.


Specifications of this Machine Monitoring System:

Product Name
eNETDNC & Monitoring
Product Description
Real time production data directly from machine control
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Machine Tool Monitoring
Computer Engineer
Additional Facts
Improved efficiency by 30%
Identify if machines are running production or idle
Industry for Use
Machine Shop
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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