DNC System of Fabrication Shop Industry

Company B is a contract fabrication shop with 7 CNC machines running two full shifts to support the fabrication operations. All programming was done at the machine control, by the machinist \ set- up person. While some of the machines had the ability to back-up files to disk there was no formal system in place to preserve this data. After a period of time, the machine controllers became full and the operators needed to select and delete a program every time a new program was written. The programs written at Company B were usually very complicated and each program represented a minimum of five hours of machine time. This included the writing, typing, proofing and optimizing the program.

After deleting several critical programs and searching for files that were supposedly saved to disk the employees finally became frustrated enough and forced Company B to research a DNC system. After management became involved and understood what had been happening, a DNC made perfect sense. They came to this decision not only because of the level of frustration on the shop floor. Someone finally sat down and calculated the value of the programs that were being dumped on a regular basis and the potential loss if a one or all of the controllers lost the programs. The calculation below allowed Company B to realize that with the 7 machines and a minimum of 25 programs in each machine, by purchasing a DNC system they were protecting a significant investment. When they added in the loss associated with dropping programs, the decision was even more clear.


DNC Cost Justification Worksheet for Company B:

Product Name
Custom DNC System
Product Description
A DNC system to support 7 CNC machines
Number of CNC machines in shop
Programs stored in each machine
Time spent downloading per setup
including verification & optimization (min)
Hourly shop rate
Potential Cost of System Failure
Annual Cost associated with losing 1 program per week per machine
DNC System Cost

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